After realizing that in 2014, I didn’t read a single book, I decided that in 2015 I am going to force myself to read every day regardless of my schedule.

So here is my book list and rating for 2015, in case anyone wants to join in on my goal:

  1. “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz
    1. Rating: 5 stars, great for people who know little about nutrition
  2. “Naruto Volume 4”
    1. Rating: 4 stars, awesome since it’s exactly like the TV show
  3. “Love Letters to the Dead” by Ava Dellaira
    1. Rating: 5 stars. By far the best YA book I’ve ever ever read. Just so good.
  4. “Serena” by Ron Rash
    1. Rating: 3 stars. A little difficult in the first two sections, but definitely worth it when the pacing picks up. I feel like the movie won’t do this book justice…
  5. “Wired For Story” by Lisa Cron
    1. Rating: 5 stars. Completely revolutionized the way I think about writing novels