Always love seeing these tidbits from this blog! Great for queries.

Captain (Query) Hook

The other day I posted tips for writing great hooks. I got a request for some examples of good hooks, and I am happy to oblige!

Here are the two I’ve been using for my WIPs. (Is it arrogant to use my own hooks as good examples? Eh. Maybe).

“Sixteen-year-old Aurelia’s second language just might get her killed.”

“Seventeen-year-old princess Livia was joking when she said she’d rather die than marry prince Caden, but assassins make take her request seriously.”

Here one from my lovely writing group partner:

“The memory-stealing Aster were banished long before El’s birth, but it’s their fault Mama is dying.”

– Meghan Jashinsky

And here are some links to critiques I’ve done that had hooks I liked.

Query 1 Rewrite: “Seventeen year old Susan Black’s ability to control all forms of earth helps her protect the city of Caperville from dastardly villains and monsters.”

Critique 8

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