Plowing through senior year can be a little tiresome, especially if you want an amazing, chill last semester.  That leaves you taking all of the heavy final requirements the semester before.

I’m the kind of person that looks ahead, though, and I know my end game.

In the not-too-far future, I’ll (hopefully) have a nice, steady IT job and my own apartment.  MY OWN APARTMENT.  That’s something that’s always appealed to me.  Especially because I fully intend to move somewhere that allows pets.  Outside of a fish, I have never had a pet.

So what do I do when I procrastinate?  YouTube funny pet videos, thinking about which ones I’d consider getting.

First up?


That gif alone should explain why a hedgehog would be entertaining to have.  Also, once they grow, they aren’t as high maintenance as other pets.


cute-corgi-corgnelius1  f689d9982937ba09ad634f9ec6443258

Yay!  Corgis!

I’ve also debated cats, but I don’t know a bread that fits my interests.  It would have to be a cat that has stubby little legs and isn’t very graceful, and I’m not sure such a cat bread exists.

So, there you go — my future pet quest.  I’m also open to any great pet names!