I have a slightly obvious obsession with Lana Del Rey, I think it’s pretty safe to say.  Her music is a bit odd, deeply personal, and followed by many critics.

Perhaps the most appealing part of Lana is that she wasn’t exactly aiming to be popular.

“[My music] wasn’t made to be popular. It was more of a psychological music endeavor. I wasn’t out to make fun, verse-chorus-verse-chorus songs. I was unraveling my history through music,” she says in an article for Complex.

Her performances and music videos are a bit different from what the general populace may be used to nowadays.

I mean, just take a look at this:


compared to this:




images (2)


In my opinion, there’s really nothing wrong with the way that these other artists choose to represent themselves.  I mean — they’re the ones making the big bucks, right?  I just think that they sacrifice a bit of their true personalities for the sake of popularity.  

Oddly enough, Lana has reached about the same level of popularity of these other artists.  There’s just so much more symbolism and personal struggle in Lana’s works, and I’m astonished that her authenticity has granted her as much success as others that calculate their appearance for full market value.  Every video, every song has an explicit story.  Just look at a full music video, and it’s like you’re watching a short movie.

She gets back at the heart of what music used to be, when a singer would stand on stage and let the tones do the performing for them.  The best part about this is her genuineness.  Her songs are all about her, and how she feels.

As a person that considers myself a writer, I have a vast appreciation for this and for her success.  The publishing industry is a hard thing to be successful in by just being yourself.  

I mean, her first video and first successful song was just a shot in the dark. She wasn’t expecting it to be popular.

Granted, it took her a few years and thousands of followers to get where she is today.  It wasn’t a slam-dunk journey, and she doesn’t really seemed satisfied with her progress.

Just goes to show what possibilities there are for people that remain true to the intentions of their art.