Whether you’re bored, stressed, sad, or down with a case of writer’s block — these little tricks will brighten your day and help get you thinking.

  • Go to a grocery store.  Talk with an accent into your cell phone.  Acknowledge no one, speak to no one.  Buy the weirdest combination of items.  Hope that no one you know is around.
    I’ve used a Russian accent, and bought 3 lbs of chicken and ibuprofen.
  • Are you around a public fountain?  Good.  Walk straight through it.
    I’d recommend being quick about it.  This is sometimes frowned upon by the police. Also, don’t do it in jeans.  They won’t dry very quickly.
  • Draw a mustache onto your face and order a coffee at a coffee shop.
  • Mute a soap opera and make up your own dialogue
    A few friends and a large glass of wine helps with this one
  • Dress up as your most favorite character ever and just wear it around for a day
    Why yes, I do have a costume of Link in my closet…
  • Go to a swing dancing club
    Surprisingly a lot of fun
  • Audition for a local theatre.  Preferably do a monologue from King Lear
    Gender doesn’t matter if it’s from King Lear
  • Have an all day movie marathon
  • Watch the ORIGINAL Star Trek episodes with Leanard Nimoy and William Shatner
  • Wonder quietly to yourself why the original X men movies were so successful
  • Look up riddles and try to solve them
    If you’re like me, you won’t get a single one right
  • Run around in the rain without any inhibitions
    People will give you weird looks, but they’re just missing out
  • Go to a REAL old fashioned bakery
    Prepare to gain weight
  • Climb a tree
    And realize that you are far from being Katniss Everdeen.  Especially when you fall out of the tree and roll down a ravine….
  • Let people get in front of you in rush hour traffic
    After driving like a maniac last year, this is oddly satisfying

I could probably keep these coming.  There are a lot of odd things that I do when given the opportunity.  However, this should give you plenty of new options for sating those boredom blues.