Since I’ve been such a large amount of questions about my new book, Ethereal, I’m picking an interesting question to share with all of you:

“Was there a reason for the length of Ethereal?  It was so easy and quick to read, and it was on the shorter side.  Was that intentional?”

Yes, that was completely intentional.  I debated adding extra scenes, character arcs, and even had some of these written.  However, the main goal of the story is to exaggerate the differences between Reyhan’s caste society, and Elyse’s communist society.  The scenes I left in were carefully planned out so that Reyhan’s upbringing clashes with the people in the compound.

Additionally, I also think that shorter is better.  I firmly believe that books should be easy enough for everyone to read, and I always planned for it to be something that could be read in an afternoon.  It’s simple, and it gets straight to the point.  I’m not really one for adding fluff.

Another question I’ve been getting a lot:

“Does Reyhan fall in love with Floran?”

I’m hesitant to give a clear answer to this, partly because I’m playing around with the idea of writing a novel from Floran’s POV.  I’m not sure where I want to go with these characters, and I feel like once I define what they have, it will limit the options in future works.  I wanted this to be a gray area.

However, I will definitely say that Reyhan does not think in terms of love.  She was treated as a soldier ever since her childhood, and having a relationship is just not something she values.  She’s intelligent enough to realize that other people are interested in her, such as Jeb, but she uses this knowledge to strategize and manipulate.  She got a bit caught up in the moment with Floran, though.  I wanted to give Reyhan a taste of romance so that she would be emotionally conflicted when it comes time to carry out her directive.

In terms of what Floran feels for Reyhan, I think that’s pretty clear.  However, some of you may have noticed that he is awfully familiar with all the other girls in the compound…

Just some food for thought.

Anyways, these are some great questions I’m getting!  Have one you’d like answered?  Email me at or tweet me @kdaugh1992.

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