Usually I do a “Music Video Monday” post, but I have been receiving so many questions about my book release that I’ve decided to switch over to answering questions on Mondays.  Now I just have to think of a catchy title for that…

The first question in the series was sent to me by a friend via text!  Although I sent her an answer, it was such a great question that I wanted it to be the first in this series:

Where did the idea for Ethereal come from?

The basic outline for Ethereal came from just a question I randomly thought of: What if you absolutely had to kill in order to live?  How would that change the whole outlook of life?

Originally I was thinking that all of the citizens in my story would have to kill someone in order to enter society.  However, that just seemed so unbelievable.  Why would a functioning society order its citizens to kill another person?  What’s the point?  Besides, where would they get the people that would be killed?  It just seemed so far-fetched.

Then I read the epic about Gilgamesh.  I didn’t read it just for fun — it was for a class.  From reading that and the Ramayana (also for class), I somehow decided to incorporate trades and a caste society in the story.  That’s when I combined the idea for trades with a violent initiation for only certain members of society.

At the time I wasn’t thinking about writing a book.  I just played around with the different ideas. 


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