I am now announcing the winners of my free book giveaway contest!  Participants emailed and tweeted me their goals for the summer.

THANK YOU to everyone that participated — I was overwhelmed by the number of entries!  You all give me amazing confidence for the book release, I and I truly appreciate your support.  Thank you.

Without further ado, the winners are:

1. Emily Hahn

Summer goal:  “To finish my architecture portfolio, and go to Cape May”

2.  Claire Bimes

Summer goal:  “To go sailing every week!!!!”

3.  A.D. Martin

Summer goal:  “I need to write a good agent query.”

To the winners: email me at ked5269@gmail.com with the subject “contest winner”. 

Again, thank you to all who have participated!  If you didn’t win this time — no worries!  There will be at least one more contest to come.

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Have an amazing weekend.