Kayla was a really great person to interview because she’s just realized her dream.  She has discovered that she wants to publish a book, and she’s figuring out what steps need to happen in order to fulfill her dreams.

Let’s just get to know a bit about Kayla and her general interests

1. Can you tell me about a project you have worked on?

I am always coming up with new ideas for stories to write but sadly most never
get started and have been put on the back burner for now. I currently have 3
stories started all which just happen to be teen/YA romance and drama stories.
More importantly this interview has inspired me to start reworking my first
story which is going very well so far.

2. What’s your overarching career goal?

My ultimate goal is to be making a living off of writing. I want to be a best
selling author living in California working from where ever I can take my

3. Where is your favorite place to work?

So far I’ve done most of my writing from my bed but lately I’ve been trying to
find a nice peaceful nature place outside. I could really see a beach being my
perfect spot, there’s just something so peaceful and calming about watching the
waves roll in.

4. How were you inspired to start:

I fell in love with writing my junior year of high school when I took a
creative writing class. Going into the class I thought I was going to hate it
because I hated writing but I soon discovered I hated academic writing and that
I loved creative writing. As I was working on my second story in  my creative
writing class it just hit me….I’d been doing this my whole life. I was one of
those girls that didn’t give up the dolls until I was 14 and in that moment I
realized that all those years of playing with dolls all I was really doing was
making up stories and now it was time to put these stories on paper. That’s the
moment I knew that I wanted to be an author and ever since then I’ve been
writing for fun.

So I know that you are currently attending college:

1. How do your dreams of being a published author conflict with your
motivation to do school work?  And if they don’t conflict, how do they
compliment each other?

I think it’s safe to say that Netflix and writing usually win over studying.
I’m one of those people that plays first and works later. And trust me on this
it bits me in the butt more times than I can count but when I’m inspired I just
can’t help it. Plus I get average grades so it’s not like I’m gonna flunk outta
college or anything.

2. Is your major related to creative writing?  Why/why not do a writing major?

I’d love to major in creative writing but as my family has pointed out going to
college to be an author is dumb. I need something to pay the bills until I
become an author that is if I make it out there in the publishing world. So
instead I’m looking into journalism and I’ll keep writing on the side. 

3. Do your parents/guardians give you support or a hard time about
accomplishing your goals?  Or do you not confide in them?  If so, why?

My mom thinks my goal is crazy and unrealistic and just a waste of time so we
don’t talk about my dreams very often. Her point of view makes sense though
given she’s more of a realistic person compared to the big dreamer that I am. I
want to move to California someday and she says that’s stupid and unrealistic
because she instantly thinks about the cost of living there but dreamers like
me tend to overlook the little things like that.

My biggest support system and the two I confide in about my writing would be my
grandpa and my best friend. My grandpa is a huge bookworm and so naturally he
shares my love of reading and writing. He says that as he reads my stories he
can hear my voice in them. Then there’s my best friend Tori who is just as big
of a bookworm as my grandpa and I. She also loves reading my stories and once
when she was reading one of my stories she said she felt like she was reading a
book that she bought from a store. And according to her and her mom when I talk
about my stories my whole face lights up. She’s always telling me to go for it
and that if I make it she’ll be my biggest fan.

And now some general questions:

 1. Do you journal regularly?

On my 14th birthday I got a diary. At first I didn’t really write in it that
much I didn’t know what to write. Then as I got older every once in awhile I’d
write a letter to God in it. When I left for college I left my diary at home
thinking I wouldn’t want it but I completely wrong with that assumption. My
diary has since become my safe place and one of my greatest friends. 
2. Do you mind giving us the premise on a story you started but never

This is my first story that I’ve been working on reworking:

As far back as Megan Mason can remember she’s liked the boy next door, Michael.
Her only problem is her four overprotective older brothers who just happen to
be friends with him as well. Between the five boys it becomes nearly impossible
for Megan to have a date much less a boyfriend. That is until she goes for the
one boy that none of her brothers would ever suspect.

Michael Moon has secretly been in love with the girl next door and his best
friends little sister since he was 12 and she was 10. She’s funny, cute, smart
and so not afraid to just be one of the guys. In Michael’s eyes Megan is the
perfect girl but also the most untouchable girl.

Will Michael be able to resist Megan when they end up alone after he’s
accidentally discovered that she likes him as well? 
Or will he fall to the one girl that’s always held his heart and betray his
best friend? 

3. I know you like to write, but why?  Do you write because you want
to be published?  Do you write to spread a message?  Or do you write purely and
utterly for yourself?  Why?

I write to tell my stories. I have the imagination of an eight year old and it
never shuts off. But I think through all these stories I’m really just creating
my perfect world…the life I dream of having someday…my happily ever after.
I just get lost in this world I’ve created with these characters and tend to
forget that they’re not real and that they’re just figments of my imagination.
But their perfect world is my happy place so I get lost there quite often. 

4. Do you think there will come a time when you do finish a story?
What needs to happen in order to get to that point?

I really hope there’s a time I finish something because otherwise I have an
extremely unrealistic dream. I just need to get over the fear of rejection and
sit down and write. It’s just hard because I’m going to put all this time,
effort and work into something that’s going to mean the world to me just to
possibly have people rip it apart and tell me I’m not good enough. 

5. What’s your writing process like?  Do you outline a story you
think would be interesting?  Or do you choose a character, and then decide the

All my stories so far pretty much have all the same main characters they’re
just tweaked a little in each story. So I guess I start with the characters and
then come up with a storyline but I’ve done it the other way as well. When I
outline a story I usually list the main characters and start writing the stuff
that relates to them in the story like their relationships with the other
characters or how they’re involved in the story’s drama or the big events that

6.When you begin your stories, do you handwrite them?  Or type them?
If I’m inspired and I can’t get to my laptop I’ll either start writing in a
notebook if I have one or the Notes app on my phone. But I usually type them
it’s just easier to revise and with the internet today I’m sure I’ll eventually
have to type them so why not take out a step and do it from the beginning. 

7. Kindle or paper book?
I prefer to read books for enjoyment on my kindle but I hate e-books for my
school books or magazines those I’d rather have a paper copy of. 

8. Do you have a writing hero that inspires you?  If so, who?

Robin Jones Gunn, best selling christian author of the Christy Miller Series
and the Sisterchicks Series. I almost instantly fell in love with Christy and
all her friends in the Christy Miller series. I could relate to Christy and all
her problems which is what pulled me in. Since I loved the Christy Miller
series so much I started reading some of Robin’s other series and I loved them
just as much which lead me to the conclusion that I love Gunn’s writing. 

9. Do you have a network of writer friends to collaborate with?
Not yet. Once I actually finish something or get on track to finish something
I’ll probably start looking for that network. I guess that’s part of the reason
I started a blog in the first.

So there’s a bit about Kayla!  There’s a lot more to her than what this interview talks about.  Make sure you stop over at her blog.

This wraps up my spotlight series!  Thank you to all who requested to be in it!  Those who weren’t in this one, you will be the first ones featured next time.