Something I found very difficult to do through the publishing process was figuring out a way to describe my plot.  People would ask “oh, what’s your book about?”  Usually I just shrugged and said “it’s about an assassin.”  Then the asker would just nod slightly and move onto something else.

My book is so many things to me that I couldn’t possibly sum it up in a few sentences to someone else.  It took a bit of trial and error, but this is what I finally came up with.

30 second synopsis:

Harsh realities and bitter choices change what should be a victory into a life shattering adventure for 17-year-old Reyhan.

Full synopsis:

The transition into adulthood is supposed to be a victory, but for 17 year old Reyhan it is bittersweet and tears her family apart.  Following in her parent’s footsteps, she passes the infamous test to become a Militia – agents working directly under government leaders.  While her father is glad to be back in the good graces of the government, her mother is disturbed and disgusted by her complete lack of empathy.  Emotions run high when Reyhan’s first target is her rebellious, runaway sister.  Despite the desperate pleading of her mother, Reyhan doesn’t hesitate to go on her first assignment.


What initially seems to be an easy target turns into a moral dilemma when Reyhan makes a miscalculation.  She ends up being taken into the compound that her sister escaped to, where everyone lives up in the tree tops.  Then Reyhan meets Floran, a native boy more than willing to help her.  He doesn’t realize that he has a connection with her from long before they ever met with heart wrenching consequences.  This does not stop her from taking advantage of his kindness.  Soon she has Floran under her control, and he unknowingly helps her with her plan to complete her assignment.  Not everyone is as smitten with her, though.  She has enemies in the compound that don’t hesitate to make themselves known.


In a city up in its own little world off the ground, where ‘accidents’ are bound to happen, Reyhan is left to calculate and manipulate to complete her assignment.  Trained from birth to obey, fight, and kill, little does she realize that the hardest difficulty to overcome will be within herself.


Even now reading these summaries, I still think I could make them better.  Really though, how do you sum up something you know so wholly and completely?  I read many examples, and edited, added and deleted like crazy.  Feel free to share your experiences!

Did my feeble synopsis catch your eye?  Be on the lookout for my book, Ethereal, available on lulu, amazon, and Barnes and Nobles on July 26th!