The Spotlight Series is an event where authors of all different experience levels share the many fascinating aspects of their lives, and showcase their favorite or latest project!

The first author in my spotlight series is the lovely Krystol Diggs. Krystol is a true nitty gritty artist, basing her first work off of her difficult past. With many books under her belt, Krystol is building a successful foundation for her future through education. Her story is inspiring, and I hope you all stop over to her blog at

First up, let’s talk about Krystol’s decision to become an author.

1. When you decided to be a writer, what kind of reaction did you get from your family and friends?

I got several reactions. Some of my friends at the time were excited. Some of my family were upset only because I was writing a book on my life.

2. Did their reactions encourage you?  Or discourage you?

It encouraged me. They tried to discourage me, but I was determined to fulfill a goal.

3. When you started your education, did you know you wanted to be an author?

Yes. When I started college I knew I wanted to write, but I didn’t know what I wanted to writer. When I was 15, I started to write poetry. When I got to college I wrote college papers very well. Then after a bad break-up while in college, I thought,” Yea, I need to write a book.”

4. Do you think that education is an integral part of being a successful writer?

I do. You get to learn different ways of saying things to make it fit your style of writing. Like, for example, sporadically is the same as saying once in a while. Plus, I loved learning new things and cultures.

5. What do you plan to do after getting your PhD?

This is a tough one. I plan on working in a field where I’m helping people in some way. Maybe working with children or people in the community. I think me having my PhD, I will be taken seriously and my voice will be heard.

6. Have you ever considered teaching at the college level?

Yes. Now, that I’m going for my PhD in Human Services I want to teach writing for an entry-level Human Services class.

7. Is writing your full time job?

Currently, yes. I don’t want it to be, though, sadly. I want to be able to work full-time and still write. When writing becomes full-time I don’t really get in the mood to do it all the time, unless I’m being paid. I know that sounds bad, but I feel this way.

8. I know you’ve written quite a number of books.  Since you have been on the market, have you gotten any negative feedback from readers?

Yes, I have.

9. How do you keep on going?

As a writer we have to understand that readers just want a good story. We can’t please everyone. The negative feedback is something that I ignore. No book is perfect. Even Stephen King has had some typos in his work. All you can do is keep writing and the readers who love the storyline will keep reading what you write.

10. What is the one thing that keeps you going?  Is it a particular author you love? Or maybe a person you want to prove wrong?

It’s all of the above. I keep going in life not just with writing because people have told me that I wouldn’t amount to anything. My mother was on drugs majority of my life as a child through adulthood, which resulted to my grandmother raising me and my brother. I was told by people and family that I would be like her. I had to do the best that I could to not be a statistic. Now, she’s been clean for over 9 years.

11. What is the hardest part about dedicating your life to writing?

The hardest part is the long process of trying to be successful at it. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I want to be a successful writer and make millions from my work. That’s the goal that I want to achieve. I self-published for all of my writing career and now I want a chance at being with a traditional publisher. I’m still pursuing that goal.

12. What is the most rewarding part?

The rewarding part is being able to make a reader want to read more of my work after their first experience.

13. If/when you feel discouraged, where do you go for support or comfort?

I find comfort in Chinese food! I also like to read books where writers talk about their success and their writing process.


Krystol was a great author to interview because she’s so positive!  I know that I completely agree when she talked about being a full time writer.  After a full day of doing that for work, I would NOT feel like doing it on my own time.  And I know I’ll be trying out the Chinese food coping method!

Now let’s get to know some fun facts about Krystol…

1. When you hit writer’s block, what do you do?

I just embrace the writer’s block actually. I take the time to focus on something else whether it’s reading a book or doing nothing all day. In my mind, that’s my way of taking a break from working hard.

2. Do you prefer Kindles?  Or the traditional book?

I have a kindle. But, lately feeling a book in my hand has been great. I just finished a paperback book, but I am now reading one on Kindle.

3. Self-publish? Or representation?

Self-publish with a manager. I’m looking for a traditional publisher, so I now have to write new material. I did take my books off of Amazon in order to get them re-published with a company. I do have my first book Through Her Eyes available.

4. Favorite character you’ve ever read about?

My favorite character would have to be Kristy from the Baby Sitter’s Club series by Ann M. Martin. Kristy was responsible, independent, and on her A-game at all times.

5. Favorite character you’ve ever invented?

A girl named Special Jenkins. I’m writing about her now. She’s a college student looking to pay rent and tuition by any means necessary. She works in a strip club called ” Kilmaxx.”

6. Any pets?

I had a cat a couple of months ago. I found out I was allergic to him and I had to give him to a friend. It’s crazy because I had 2 cats before when I lived in previous apartments.

7. Favorite vacation spot?

I haven’t been able to go on vacation in forever. I’d love to go on a beach or Italy.

8. Favorite genre to read?

Drama, and Self-Help writing books

9. Favorite genre to write?

Drama. The more juicer the better!

10. Who is your idol?

I really look up to Syd Field. R.I.P. Syd Field has written several books on screenwriting and was a great teacher. He taught students who write the screenplays to: Poetic Justice, Ms. Doubtfire, Million Dollar Baby, etc. I actually had the pleasure of talking with him about screenwriting. Best experience ever in life. He will truly be missed.

Now that we know her, let’s take a look at a teaser from one of her projects!  Krystol’s work tends to focus on mature, adult situations – perfect for a drama!  In this latest project, the protagonist finds herself working as a stripper to pay for her college tuition.


         “ Special you’re up next.” My manager boobie said to me.

         “ Aight boobie.” I responded.

         I looked in the mirror as I finished going over my make—up. I decided to wear a sexy devils outfit this time around. My dressing room was filled with other dressing rooms and half naked woman parading around me. They too were getting ready to put on a great show. As for me I had to do what I had to do. I had tuition to pay for and a house to keep over my head.

         “ Hey Special, do you ever get scared of dancing here?” A girl named Mocha asked me.

         “ Of course I do. But I know that I need the money and this is the only job where I can get fast cash. Besides, it’s either this or prostitution.” I said while combing my hair making sure my curls stayed intact.

         “ Yes, I know what you mean. I love the money that I make here at Klimax.” She said.

         “ Well this is only temporary for me, I have one more year to go until I graduate college and then it’s on to getting a real job.” I said to her.

         Mocha walked away as I looked at myself in the mirror. I no longer recognized myself anymore. Here I was stripping and what was only supposed to be for a month has now turned into two years.

         I grabbed my devil’s headband as I walked up and watched the other girl temptation finish her set. I hated to dance but there was something in me that made me enjoy the rush of it all. My manager boobie walked past me as he was going out to announce me. Temptation was picking up all her money as I was about to go on next.

         She ran  in the back where I was and begin getting undressed  counting her money. I wasn’t a lesbian by any means so I never felt uncomfortable around other women. Besides we always saw each other’s body.

        “Whew, girl! It’s a big crowd out there tonight, I’m counting over a stack easy.” Temptation said.

         “ Oh yea…I have to do a few tricks then.” I said laughing.

          I closed my eyes and took a deep a breath as I heard boobie’s words escape his lips and my theme song began to play.

         “ Hot…Like….Fire….you can’t resist, resist, resist.”

         “ Alright gentlemen here we go! I know that you have been waiting for her, the one the only, woman that brings the heat like no other…Ms. Special…come make it Hot Like Fire baby.”

         I could hear the men go wild as they clapped their hands and whistled waiting for my arrival.

         I breathed in anticipation and slowly sashayed my body out to the crowd with my red  devil’s headband and the tail that hung my curvaceous booty.  As the lights turned on I said to myself,

          “ Alright Ms. Satan , let’s bring the heat, and make it hot like fire.”


If you enjoyed reading this, take a look at Krystol’s debut novel Through Her Eyes, which can be found on Amazon!


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