This may seem a little odd, but I still see an awful lot of Frozen posts! So, here is my take on the beloved craze. Let’s make things a bit more interesting, shall we?

1.  Sisters that are very different



In GoT we have the delicate Sansa and tomboy Arya.  In Frozen we have the adorkable Ana, and the responsible, protective Elsa.

2.  Romances with a villain

Sansa JoffreyHans_-_Anna_Heart

Who could forget Sansa’s ‘love’ for Joffrey?  And of course, Ana’s whirlwind romance with the ultimate villain, Hans.  Both men betray their women!

3. Strange pets

468px-Jon-snow-ghostDisney s frozen sven

The Stark children must have their direwolves!  Just like Christoff and his reindeer have an understanding…

4. Odd friendships


Snow takes Samwell under his wing, and Christoff and Sven are old friends!

5. Impending winter


We know, we know, winter is coming to Westeros!  And it already unexpectedly came to the kingdom in Frozen!

6. Ice creatures


The chilling white walkers in GoT, and the adorably terrifying Marshmallow in Frozen!

7. A plot for the crown


This essentially IS GoT.  The other subplots just get caught up in the mix.  In Frozen, the main issue is stopping winter and fixing a sisterly relationship!  The backstabbing plot is just an added bonus.

8. Royalty


Where would a great adventure be without some kings, queens, and princesses?  Oh, and princes too, I guess.

9. Marriages


Wedding bells don’t usually mean bliss in GoT… But in Frozen they aren’t that happily taken, either!

10. Sabotage


So much sabotage in GoT.  My personal saboteur? Lord Varys, of course.  And then for Frozen, there’s the much hated Hans.

11. Orphans


It wouldn’t be a Disney princess movie without them!  GoT takes a while to feature some, though.  First they had to get us attached to the parents, and THEN kill them off.

12. Magic


And, of course, we have Bran representing the magical aspect of GoT.  Then Elsa has her mysterious gift.  Really, though, you almost need magic when you have royalty, subterfuge, love interests, and brilliant animators in the studio!