It can be hard to keep moving forward towards your goal.  There have been nights where I look at my open word doc, think “screw this”, buy wine, order a pizza, and binge watch Netflix.

And when the next day rolls around, I feel even less inspired to work on my edits.

So how do I keep going?  Well, I have a number of tactics which I will share.  Fair warning, some of them are not very noble.

1. The enormous party I am going to have when my book is released. 

2. The potential cover of my book (the official one is coming soon)

3. Proving that I am worth people’s time

4. Proving to a certain ex significant other that he was absolutely wrong about me

5. I want to inspire others to empathize

6. I want to help others think about controversial topics

7. This has been a life long goal of mine

8. When I’m old and looking back on my life, I’ll regret not doing this

And when all else fails I think about my idols:

Lana Del Rey

Jennifer Lawrence

Suzanne Collins

Ian McEwan

Neil Gaiman

So that is what helps me continue on my journey.  Some of it is a bit silly and personal, but I think it’s important to have a plan for those lazy days/weeks/months/years.  Unfortunately, wasted time is something you can never recover.

What do you do when you’re feeling less inspired than usual?