As someone going through the publishing process, I have a newfound appreciation for all of the struggling authors that I used to scoff at before.  Publishing is a humbling, humbling process.  For every successful book (TFIOS, Hunger Games), there’s probably a hundred thousand published books that never, ever get noticed.  And all of the authors worked and struggled endlessly, just for them to wind up on the clearance shelf at a small chain bookstore.

I’ve begun to buy some of the ones that catch my eye.  Usually I just walk over to the “Best Sellers” section, and pick up whatever has the prettiest cover.  I know, I know, that was very shallow of me.  Now I look at the books in the far corner of the store, whose prices have been lowered to two or three dollars.

Not only do I save money by doing this, but I get to support other people with dreams similar to mine.  It’s a win-win!

Some of the books I could barely get through.  Let me just say that right up front.  Just because it has been published does not mean it is the same caliber of Divergent or The Count of Monte Cristo.

Want an example?  Look up Moon People.

BUT if you are into sci/fi or dystopian books, I have stumbled on some good finds for you.

1. Across the Universe by Beth Revis (and no, this one does not have any Beetles songs in it)

2. Crewel by Gennifer Albin

Fair warning about suggestion 2: this novel is pretty heavy on girl power.  It exaggerates the 50s-housewife situation to the point that it gets a bit nauseating.  However, the setting and premise is so good that this flaw is easy to overlook.  I’ll probably write an in-depth review of this novel within the next few weeks.

Have any of you found anything amazing on the free books in Kindle, or on a clearance rack at a bookstore?  If not, I hope this sparks an exciting new adventure on your reading lists.