Since I have made a list of general goals for the summer, here is a list of reading goals!  These lists are fun to make and create ideas that get us away from the TV.

1. The Moral Animal by Robert Wright

2. The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin WIlliams

If you are self publishing, I highly recommend this book. It heavily discusses fonts, spacing, and color schemes.

3. Parallel Worlds by Michael Kaku

4. Guide to the Night Sky by National Geographic

5. King Lear  by Shakespeare

6. Catch up on the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin

7. Reread Harry Potter

8. Find a new book by Neil Gaiman

9. Find a new book by Ian McEwan

10. Wuthering Heights

I would like to hear about what some of your reading goals are for the summer!

Also, here are three featured agents ready to take some queries:

Anne Collette, at Rees Literary

She is also on Twitter

Pamela Ahearn, at the Ahearn Agency

Jessica Alvarez at BookEnds LLC

Good luck!  Don’t forget to share some summer reading goals.