Every year I imagine up this crazy, adventure filled summer.  And every year I chill out, which is still nice, but it’d be even nicer to have an adventurous summer.

So here is my list of what needs to happen this summer:

1. Swim at least 4 times a week

2. Do a weekly craft

3. Clean out/ organize/ decorate room

4. Take a trip with Adam

5. Do a drawing or painting every weekend


7. So many bonfires

8. Go out with friends once a weekend

9. Write short stories about adventure

10. Go see my newborn niece!

11. Actually learn how to play the banjo. Third time is the charm.

12. Actually learn German

13. Get in better shape

14. Go outside once a day — outside of the walk from my car to work

15. Take many pictures

16. Make a smash book of my summer (smash books are scrapbooks for lazy people)

So if everything goes according to plan, then I’m in for a good summer.  Also, it’s not on this list, but I am going to Fiji for ten days!  When I come back, my niece will have been born!  This is how I am getting through finals.

When finals are over I’ll start posting names and sites of literary agents!  They can be kind of tricky to track down, but don’t worry!  I’ve been at it for a while, so I’ll share what I’ve learned.