The protagonist of my upcoming novel, “Ethereal”, is an anti-hero named Reyhan.  I am a huge fan of the popular dystopian book series, but in all of them, there is one common thread.  The hero is a girl who gets thrown (or willingly throws herself), into some rebellion that has all of the answers.  The current government is always bad, and there are bad people who will stop at nothing to keep a restricting control on the general populace.

The worlds are pretty black and white.

But what about the government that genuinely thinks it is doing the best thing for everyone?  And what about the protagonist that sides with her origins?

Just like her parents before her, Reyhan is accepted into society as a Militia — special government agents that are highly trained in combat.  She feels a complete sense of loyalty to her government, and follows her directives without batting an eye.

As the most promising new Militia, she receives her first assignment a year earlier than usual.  She runs into some trouble, since her assignment drives her mother to the brink of depression, and tests her father’s love.  Reyhan doesn’t care.  Her older sister dishonored her family, and abandoned her government, and should be brought to justice.  And Reyhan is just the one to do it.

Since she’s been training for her job since childhood, Reyhan is in excellent physical shape.  That’s why the girl in the example photo is really toned.  Reyhan has a lot of muscle on her, and is very strong.  More than anything, though, she is lethal.

Next time, I’ll feature the main guys in my novel.  Also, this photo comes from Pinterest, which has excellent fitness inspiration pics.



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