Caught up in a realistic world of paychecks, bills, and bottom lines, I feel that our initial creative instincts slowly start to fade away after a while.  Some of us have the fortune of writing, but even so, we have a goal when we write — such as becoming a published author.  Or maybe we are trying to influence people, share an experience, etc.  But what about writing just for the sake of writing?  So here are ten writing prompts, just for the fun of writing,

1) Write a short story based off of your most recent Halloween costume

2) Flip through a magazine, quickly (or quickly scroll through your smartphone picks) and randomly place your hand on a picture. If you pointed to a person, describe who they are.  If you pointed to objects, describe where they came from and who they belonged to.  If you pointed to a scene, write about an event that may have happened there

3) If you were a star in the sky, what would your life be like?

4) You have been cursed to live the rest of your life as an animal. What animal are you, and what are you going to do next?

5) You have the power to switch lives with one person, and one time only. Once you switch, there is no going back. Make a quick narrative of who you picked, their reaction, and your transition.

6) You have called the wrong number, but you recognize the voice of your favorite idol/role model. What would be your first sentence to them?

7) Have a story you hate the ending of? Rewrite it! (Mockingjay critics, this one is for you)

8) Have a useless English essay you wrote in high school still saved on your computer? Take the first sentence, and form a completely unrelated story

9) If your life was a fantasy novel (or action, romance, etc.) what would your opening sentence be?

10) Pick an inanimate object.  Go through a day in it’s eyes. For example: if I was my car my day would be very intense and scary, because I always go fast and almost hit other cars.  Not the best example, but you get the gist.

Have a blast writing!  Soon I will be posting contests for the chance to have an exclusive, first read of my upcoming novel, “Ethereal”.