Throughout my adventures on the internet I’ve heard many different schools of thought and tactics about creative writing.  I think that there are just as many books teaching about how to write books as there are books (tongue twister, right?).

I’ve read through a few of those, and some of them are actually pretty interesting.  One that I would recommend is called “The Story Book” by David Baboulene.

However, there are so many schools of thought on the subject that I think it is unrealistic to learn about them all.  At the end of the day I write in the way that is most comfortable to me — just hashing the story out beginning to end.  I do not outline or plan, I just write and then go back and revise.

Needless to say, this gets hectic when it comes to writing novels.  My first novel took me practically five years to write, because I refused to plan anything out and I refused to jump around.  My second novel took only a few weeks, though.  That was all I worked on, even though I had projects and midterms.  But I finished my second novel and I love it more than anything I’ve ever done.  So to summarize, my writing style is just to write.  And whatever comes to my mind ends up on the paper (for the first draft, at least).  Even with blogging, I just open a new page and write whatever comes to my mind.

My writing style has some downsides.  Editing is a pain, and my writing probably isn’t the highest quality you can get.  I’m not nearly as intricate, since I don’t really plan out the minute details.  But I’ll probably never change my writing style.  I just love the way that the plot grows in my mind.  It’s like I am literally living in another world.  My characters become real people to me, and I get to learn more about them for the longer that I write.  It doesn’t feel like I am crafting a story; it feels like the story is coming to me and I am merely relaying it to other people.  And I wouldn’t change that feeling for all the money and success in the world.

But I do know that my writing style limits me.  I’ve heard amazing things about balancing an outline with improvisation.

Regardless, I think the beauty of art is that there are no rules.  If I want to make things up as I go, I do.  If a painter wants to paint with their lips, or other unconventional means, they can.  Art is freedom of the mind.  And especially in writing, art is the ability to create life and whole new worlds.  It’s like a power.  So even though there is a lot of advice about how one “should” write, I am a true believer in writing the way that feels best for you.  For some, maybe that is planning it out.  For others, maybe it’s in vignettes.  Either way, we can unleash the full power of our creativity.  And I think that is a beautiful thing.