I’ve really been searching hard for the first query letter I ever wrote.  It’s pretty entertaining since I wrote it before doing much research — my manuscript wasn’t even completely finished! Unfortunately, I could not find it.  I’ll keep looking though, and post it when it’s found.  Until then I thought I’d put up my latest query for my new project.  I’m kind of nervous to put it online for people to see, but I know there are a lot of you out there going through this process with me, and I’d really like to know your thoughts.

The way I have mine outlined my be a little different, but I followed the format I liked most from a few other queries I’ve seen.  Please feel free to comment with any sort of critique, or advice about your query!

So without further ado:

Dear (agent’s name):

What should have been a day of excitement and acceptance leaves Reyhan feeling bittersweet when she realizes the costs of being in society.  Reyhan is no stranger to difficult situations – she has been trained all of her life to react and adapt.  It is all part of being Militia.  Not long after passing Initiation, she is given her first assignment.  And it tears her family apart.

Nonetheless she sets out on a mission to go bring back her felon older sister.  A miscalculation on Reyhan’s part results in her acceptance into the compound, where her sister is highly esteemed.  The compound is a world completely different from her life of Trades and castes.  But different is not always better.  Emotional conflicts get in the way of her assignment, clouding her mind the longer she stays.  And then there is Floran, a boy she has irreversibly hurt long before they ever even met.  Life in the compound is not as easy as her life of assignments.  She must accept the fact that there is no set line between right and wrong; there is no black and white.  Her first assignment challenges her in ways she never anticipated.  Can she complete her mission despite hurting all those around her?

     Ethereal, complete at 53,225 words, is a young adult fiction novel.  The protagonist, Reyhan, is an analytical and strong antihero.  For her, feeling compassion for others is a struggle.  Her experience in the compound challenges that, and challenges who she is as a person.  Dealing with issues such as sisterhood, duty, morality, and compassion, this story relates to teenagers about the concept of doing what is easy and what is right. (Insert bit about agent). Ethereal was my favorite story to write, and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I greatly appreciate your time and consideration.


And then I write my name and email.

I’m open to hear any thoughts!  Thank you all for reading this, I really love the feedback and responses I’ve been getting.  I kind of feel like the fish in the picture above, taking a giant leap to get to the bigger bowl.