I’ve never really read anything that fully captures the kind of day I’m having today.  But if I had to pin a name to it, I think the term “hollow” would do nicely.  I think we all have hollow days.  It’s not necessarily a good day, and it’s not necessarily a bad day.  It is just hollow.

Today I’ve gotten some not good news about certain projects and classes, but for some reason I don’t feel very bothered about it.  Nor do I feel enthusiastic for the bits of happy news I’ve gotten today too.  Hollow days just bring me closer to Netflix, and whatever show I’m currently marathoning.  The way that movies, shows, and games draw us out of our days and into another world fascinates me.  It takes away the empty feeling that hollow days bring.  But then when I finally pull myself away from my distraction, I notice the hollow feeling is even stronger than it was before.

Back before I took the initiative to start working on my publishing career, I really hated the day after a hollow day.  I’d realize that I just spent the last however many hours glued to the internet, and essentially wasted a day.  Now, though, I think hollow days are a nice break.  It’s like a little vacation to focus all of my attention to some other world.  Then once I pull myself out of it, it’s back to reality.

But for those of you who tap into your overactive imaginations, reality can get just as entertaining as the shows I watch on hollow days.