As an avid daydreamer, I always make myself feel hopeful by thinking that “someday I’ll get to do this”. Someday when I’m older or someday when I have more money or someday when I move to a different city.

As a result I’m no closer to accomplishing any of my goals than I was when I came up with them.

In school and articles, we read about the proper way to accomplish a goal. You need to envision it, make steps, make deadlines, and plan it all out.

Now that I’m older I very strongly disagree with this advice.

At least, this advice does not work for me. I get so caught up in envisioning and planning that I delay actually taking action.

Lately I’ve been trying something a but different. Rather than planning my steps, I’ve been taking action. I wanted to finish a novel I started five years ago. I just wrote and wrote and wrote and now it is done. I want to leave the country. I signed up to study abroad in Fiji.

I think it’s sad that a lot of us never get to accomplish our goals and dreams because we don’t know what to do to get there. Everyone deserves a chance to accomplish their goals.

So my practical advice to all the dreamers out there is to just do something. Anything. Start networking. Start a blog. Meet new people. Speak your mind. Take small steps, and soon you’ll feel comfortable taking big ones.

And step by step you’ll get closer to where you want to be.